Investment Philosophy

Bridgeport follows a bottom-up, value oriented approach to investing. This involves rigorously researching individual companies to understand their underlying economics and future business prospects. We focus on generating superior absolute returns over the long term by analyzing the intrinsic value of a company and purchasing its securities when they are priced substantially below this value. In selecting investments for ourselves and our clients, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We invest for the long term and avoid focusing on short term trends, whether such trends are positive or negative.
  • While we rigorously research the companies in which we invest, we make our investment decisions independently of others in the marketplace.
  • We seek to minimize investment risk by investing in businesses with understandable and sustainable business models.
  • We view ourselves as stakeholders in the businesses in which we invest not just holders of securities.
  • We invite open and frequent dialogue with the management of the companies in which we invest.