Investment Approach


Step One: Initial Client Discussion

Bridgeport recognizes that every client has unique financial goals. For this reason, our investment process begins with a one-on-one meeting with a financial advisor in order to help us better understand your financial situation and assist in determining your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Step Two: Individual Investment Plan Prepared & Separate Client Account Established

Based on our discussions, an individualized investment plan is then prepared for clients including a recommended asset mix (i.e. the mix of stocks, bonds and cash in your portfolio). 

Bridgeport builds and manages each client investment portfolio on a separate account basis using individual securities and its own pooled funds. This means that each Bridgeport client receives their own separate investment account which holds a portfolio of investments selected for them by Bridgeport in accordance with their investment plan.  

All Bridgeport client portfolios are held by National Bank Correspondent Network in the client’s name.  

Step Three: Investment Selection & Monitoring

Bridgeport selects individual investments (usually publicly traded stocks and bonds) for each client account based on its own proprietary investment research and in accordance with each client’s investment plan. We generally do not sell financial products assembled by third parties such as mutual or segregated funds. By constructing individual portfolios for each of our clients and managing their capital directly, Bridgeport is able to “eliminate the middleman” and offer better value to its clients on a more personalized basis.

Once established, your portfolio is closely monitored and re-balanced as needed by a dedicated financial advisor.

Step Four: Regular Client Meetings And Investment Reporting

Bridgeport meets with its clients regularly to discuss their investment portfolios and changes in the capital markets. It is also important for us to receive updates on your personal financial situation so that we can advise if any changes need to be made to your portfolio.  

As part of our service, clients receive monthly account statements from National Bank Correspondent Network and a detailed quarterly report from Bridgeport which includes a portfolio valuation and a commentary on investment holdings and the state of the economy and capital markets. Required tax information is distributed to clients at the end of the calendar year.

Additional Assistance

For clients who desire more comprehensive financial assistance, we are pleased to offer financial planning services as part of your investment management relationship with Bridgeport. In many cases, we provide clients with appropriate solutions by leveraging the expertise of various external partners who specialize in tax, accounting, insurance and legal matters.